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Twitter recommends…

I asked Twitter to recommend some CDs of Women Composers. In 24 hours I had 174 replies, 53 retweets and 165 likes.

Below are the results.

You will find actual recommended CDs first, followed by references made to pieces, and finally a list of recommended composers.

It’s a bit overwhelming; I will tidy it up soon. Please send all corrections directly to me by email/DM. CDs by Linda Catlin Smith, Casandra Miller and Catherine Lamb.

Ethel Smyth songs, available here : …

@tasminlittle album of music by Amy Beach, Clara Schumann, and Ethyl Smyth

Sadie Harrison - Solos and Duos on @ToccataMusicGrp

CD of pieces for solo instrument + electronics, Luminoso …

4 albums of music that feature several women performers: …

Severine Ballon’s new cd

Roshanne Etezady, Joan Tower, Libby Larsen, chamber works . …

Shift by Nicholas Phillips ( ) - featuring 8 women composers.

Samantha Ege Four Women: Music for Solo Piano by Price, Kaprálová, Bilsland,

AM Smith's symphonies

Ethel Smyth's The Wreckers

Fanny Mendelssohn's Piano Trio.

Madeleine Dring: Songs

Dora Pejacevic: Cello Sonata

Julia Wolfe string quartets.

Rebecca Clarke works for viola.

Cassandra Miller cds (2) on Another Timbre,

Cat Lamb on New World,

Stine Janvin’s Fake Synthetic Music,

Pascal Criton on Potlatch,

Ellen Fullman / Okkyung Lee

Louise Farrenc's symphonies

Louise Farrenc piano quintets (listen for the NPR connection):

Dora Pejacevic Brucknerian symphony

Emile Mayer, subject of a new 2-disc set

The album Lesbian American Composers from Composers Recordings, Inc.

Emily Burridge cello albums

Rebecca Brandt, Numbers and Shapes

Rhian Samuel, Light and Water

Clara Iannotta, A Failed Entertainment;

Allison Cameron, A Gossamer Bit;

Liza Lim, Tongue of the Invisible;

Chaya Czernowin, Hidden;

Katharina Rosenberger, Texturen;

Olga Neuwirth on Kairos.

Martha Horst's Straussian Landscapes

Orange by Caroline Shaw,

Iron Hammer by Julia Wolfe

Fanny Mendelssohn’s Das Jahr.

Lara Poe La rivere et a foret

Tapestry by Carol King

RUTH GIPPS! Symphonies 2 and 4

Canticles of ecstasy - works by Hildegard von bingen (1098 - 1179). Released by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi.

Gubaidulina: Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten (on Lockenhaus Collection vol.10).

Maconchy: Music for Strings.

Carla Bley: Escalator Over the Hill.

Lutyens: Chamber Works.

@drapernat's Timelapse Variations

Also, @chi_sinfonietta Project W: Works by Diverse Women Composers

releases by @FortSmithSymph

Sarah Kirkland Snider (two albums) Unremembered and Penelope

Suzanne Ciani’s @sevwave 1975 Buchla compositions.

French electronic composer Éliane Radigue.

"En dehors" & "Vita brevis ars longa" by pianist Kyra Steckeweh with works by Fanny Hensel & Lili Boulanger & Mel Bonis & Emilie Mayer. inc. first recording of Mayer's sonata d minor!

soundtrack "@komponistinnen" movie documentary

@gemmapeacocke waves and lines

Musica Secreta catalogue for CDs of Cozzolani, Vizzana, Strozzi, misc. nuns. Romabarroco's recording of Caccini. Harbach's or Dreier's recordings of Anna Bon. Capella Strumentale del Duomo di Novara's album of Is. Leonarda, for starters.

@ICEensemble performs Anna Thorvaldsdottir, TCP's album of Augusta Read Thomas's Resounding Earth, and anything suggested by @ListenToLadies

@ellenarkbro’s For Organ & Brass and Chords

Woman Astronaut by Penka Kounena

Carla Bley 'Escalator over the Hill'

Lindsay Cooper (+ Feminist Improvising Group).

Claire Singer - Solas

Ruth Seeger (esp. string quartet, 3 Chants)

Unsuk Chin - 3 concertos.

Kate Moore - Dances and Canons

The Human Project by Stanlaey

Four Women by @samantha_ege

Rebecca Clarke’s songs.

Ruth Crawford Seeger Portrait CD on DG,

Johanna Beyer on New World,

Gloria Coates symphonies on Naxos,

Sofia Gubaidulina's Offertorium on DG,

Onutė Narbutaitė's Tres Dei Matris Symphoniae on Naxos,

Galina Ustvolskaya CDs on ECM,

Hat Art, col legno

CDs by @fhvln - she's recorded @CherylHoad

@LaurieSpiegel The Expanding Universe

Amanda Maier’s on dB produktions, Sweden. (1853-1894).

Project W conducted by Mei-Ann Chen.

Francesca Caccini: La liberazione di Ruggiero

Gabriela Lena Frank: Hilos (Threads) on Naxos

Patterns of Love | Voice by @emilylevymusic@Voicetrio⁩ Emily Levy ⁦@AyannaWJ⁩ ⁦@steviewishart1⁩ ⁦@HelenChadSong

Caroline Shaw's new CD with Attaca Quartet: Orange!

Amy Beach's piano trio and quartet on Chandos recorded by Ambache Ensemble

Duyun's Dinosaur Scars with ICE

meiyifoo's album Musical Toys of Gubaidulina and Unsuk Chin

Kate Moore's "Stories for ocean shells" played by Ashley Bathgate

Heather Gilligan - Living in Light (Albany Records)

Éliane Radigue, Hildegard Westerkamp, Matana Roberts, @anniemahtani

Trilogie De La Mort, Transformations, Coin Coin Chapter Three and Racines

Another Timbre label. Get Cassandra Miller, Cat Lamb and Angharad Davies for definite! Laura Cannell is also

Gloria Coates naxos brass and percussion symphony no. 10

Monk: Atlas (ECM);

Czernowin: Hidden Gravity (Wergo);

Mundry: Traces des Moments (KAIROS);

Ustvolskaya: Piano Sonatas (col legno);

Westerkamp: Transformations (Empreintes digitales);

Lockwood: Ground of Being (recital);

Z: A Delay is Better (Starkland)

Gabriela Lena Frank: Hilos (Threads) on Naxos,

Amy Beach (brilliant piano quintet for instance)

Priaulx Rainier, very severe and elegant.

‘in praise of women’ hyperion

Carla Bley “Escalator over the Hill”.

Amy Williams CINESHAPES AND DUOS on Albany

Errollyn Wallen - Photography

@samantha_ege - 4 women

Pamela Z - a delay is better

@reneeclark55 - home molasses

Nathalie Joachim - Play in

Tania Leon - In Motion

Any Florence Price CD

Any Nicole Mitchell CD

Eleanor Alberga String Quartets

Priaulx Rainier - Idagio.

Meredith monk - dolmen music

Anna Meredith - varmints

mica Levi - under the skin score

Pauline oliveros - accordion and voice

Julia Wolfe - lick

Viola Torros - Another Timbre

Joanna Brouk - the space between

Speak, Be Silent by @RiotEns (Chaya Czernowin, Liza Lim, Rebecca Saunders, Anna Thorvaldsdóttir, Mirela Ivičević): …

Farrenc Syms 1&3 on CPO; Amy Beach piano quintet; Ethel Smyth Mass in D; Dora Pejacevic - anything but esp Symphony.

Fanny Mendelssohn never disappoints (sorry that sounds like a terrible movie tagline). Songs and chamber music. Great Americans (very much alive and kicking!) include #JoanTower (Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman) and #EllenTaaffeZwilich (Symbolon) are both terrific.

Emma Kirkby singing Amy Beach

@NaxosMusicLib recording of Florence Price

Joan Tower's Stroke and Violin Concerto @nashvillesymph

Amy Beach piano concerto @nashvillesy

Resolutionary post-punk reissue on Staubgold. Hopefully soonish you can get my 1st ever LP made with Producer Youth

Unicamente La Verdad, opera by Gabriela Ortiz. several premier performances and recordings

Contemporary Chaos Practices by Ingrid Laubrock On Intakt

Edie Hill: Clay Jug - Navona Records

Resolutionary post-punk reissue on Staubgold. Hopefully soonish you can get my 1st ever LP made with Producer Youth

@DMOCBB's "Birdsongs" CD a listen.

@A_BroadSpectrum's show on Sunday, featuring music written by women.

Patricia Barber (jazz pianist & vocalist - writes excellent songs)

#FlorencePrice’s violin concertos w/ @ekahng,

#FlorencePrice’s symphony no. 1 & piano concerto w/ @drkwalwyn,

@samantha_ege’s Four Women CD

Althea Waites’ recording of Price’s solo piano works

Judith Weir the welcome arrival of rain

@ChampianFulton Jazz pianist “Speechless”

@Turyamusic’s Ocean album

Rachel Portman: chocolat, Emma, cider house rules,The Little Prince;

Shirley Walker, her music for The Flash or Batman The animated Series.

Mica Levi’s music for Under the Skin.

Florence Price Concerto in one movement

for piano solo...that would be me Rada Neal...on Pandora, Spotify....7 cds of original music and 1 cd of my Christmas arrangements.

2 complete CDs on Albany-Manhattan Stories and Transatlantic Tales.

Other recordings listed on .

Love Abide, a collection of vocal works from @RoxannaPanufnik.

Cozzolani's complete works

"Bright Angel" - album by Haven Trio (soprano @linzkesselman, clarinetist Kimberly Cole Luevano, pianist Midori Koga).

"Bog Bog, the Electronic Ladyland" a mixtape of 35 female electronic music pionneers ,and it's free :

Laura Nyro,


Souad Massi,


Emilie Autumn

Joni Mitchell

Fiona Apple

I'm With Her

Kate Bush

Joan as a policewoman

Gaelynn Lea

Leyla McCalla

Let's Eat Grandma

Carole King

Cate le Bon

Jane Weaver

Jan Cloher

Annae Lockwood,

Jessica Pavone,

Mary Halvorson,

Pauline Oliveros,

Christina Kubisch,

Natascha Nikeprelovic,

Sainkho Namtchylak,

Diamanda Galás,

Lauren Newton,

Joelle Leandre,

Hannah Silva,

Jennifer Walshe,

Anna-Maria Hefele,

Meredith Monk,

Amy Kohn,

Pamela Z,

Kamala Sankaram

The Unthanks

Alice Coltrane

My Brightest Diamond

My Bubba

Anja Garbarek

Sophie Hunger

Liz Green

Kate Rusby

Norma Waterson

Eliza Carthy

Laura Cantrell

Violetta Para

Martha Wainwright

Kate Bush,

Delia Ann Derbyshire (mod synth pioneer),

Joan as Police Woman,

Wendy Carlos (mod synth pioneer),

GT Thomas,

Mika Levi (film composer),

Hildur Guðnadóttir (film composer),

West Side Trio,

Stella Vander,

Minnie Ripperton,

Laura Mvula,

Nina Simone,

Laurie Anderson

Olga Neuwirth

marina rosenfeld,

Sabisha friedberg,

maryanne amacher

Pauline Oliveros,

Laurie Spiegel

Kaija Saariaho,

Carla Bley

Maria Schneider

Ingrid Jensen

Christine Jensen,

Tori Freestone,

Josephine Davies,

Brigitte Beraha (Babelfish).

Nadia Boulanger

Lili Boulanger,

Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn,

Hildegard von Bingen

Florence Price

Augusta Read Thomas

Annette Peacock,

Bobbie gentry,

Carolyn Hester,

Alice Coltrane

Graciela Paraskevaidis

Gloria Coates

Jocelyn Morlock

Meredith Monk

Nicola LeFanu

Louise Farrenc,

Marie Jaëll,

Henriette Renié,

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre,

Cécile Cheminade,

Mel Bonis,

Joni Mitchell

Milica Djordjević

Annea Lockwood

Rebecca Clarke

Grazyna Bacewicz

Cecilia McDowell

Linda Catlin Smith,

Ann Southam,

Galina Ustvolskaya,

Ingrid Laubrock,

Florence Price

Carolina Eyck

Caroline Shaw

Yumiko Tanaka

Rachel Portman

Kelly-Marie Murphy

Jocelyn Morlock

Violet Archer,

Jean Coulthard

Barbara Pentland

Charlotte Seither;

Gloria Coates;

Annea Lockwood;

Eliane Radigue;

Ming Tsao;

Claudia Molitor;

Rebecca Saunders;

Maryanne Amacher;

Diamanda Galas

Lingua Ignota

Maja S.K. Ratkje



Moor Mother

Camille Pépin

Grazyna Bacewicz,

Lili Boulanger,

Amy Beach,

Sofia Gubaidulina,

Galina Ustwolskaya,

Grace Williams

Chiara Margarita Cozzolani

Daniela Terranova (it)

Marja Ahti (finland)

Ruth Crawford Seeger

Capella Artemnesia


Sarah Davachi

Annea Lockwood

Okkyung Lee

Valborg Aulin.


Bushra El-Turk,

Liza Lim,

Cassandra Miller

Mary Lou Williams


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