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Ave Maria

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Ave Maria for
SA & piano/organ

This is an arrangement for Upper Voices and piano of a song by Clara Schumann.

Clara Schumann (1819-96) received a thorough, and intense music education from her controlling Father, the piano teacher Friedrich Wieck. This prepared her for the rigours of life as a touring musician and, from her early teens, Clara excelled both as a composer and as a renowned concert pianist. She composed about a hundred pieces, half of which were written by the age of 20, before her marriage to another of her father’s students, the composer Robert Schumann. Clara contributed to joint Lieder collections with Robert, as well as producing two collections herself. After his untimely death she dedicated the rest of her life (some 40 years) to editing and promoting his music and composed virtually no more of her own.


“Both [Ave Maria and St Paul’s Benediction] are useful, gentle, upper-voice anthems, well worth learning and singing”.

Stephen Patterson, Church Music Quarterly, June 2022.

Ave Maria
Clara Schumann
Olivia Sparkhall

2 minutes 15 seconds (£1.75)



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