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I saw three ships (2022)

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I saw three ships
for Young Voices (SS) and piano

For Advent & Christmas Services & Concerts. 

A jolly arrangement for two-part children's voices. Parts are equal in range, and interest; taking turns to have the tune. This arrangement is highly suitable for children's choirs. 

1. I saw three ships come sailing in,
  On Christmas day, on Christmas day,
I saw three ships come sailing in,
  On Christmas day in the morning.

2. And what was in those ships all three?

3. Our Saviour Christ and his lady

4. Pray whither sailed those ships all three?

5. Oh, they sailed into Bethlehem,

6. And all the bells on earth shall ring,

7. And all the Angels in Heaven shall sing,

8. And all the souls on earth shall sing,

9. Then let us all rejoice, amain,


Here is a delightful and highly effective arrangement by Olivia Sparkhall of the traditional Christmas carol, ‘I saw three ships’ in 2 parts. Both voices have opportunities to sing the melody – at first in question and answer style and then in two very straightforward parts, again sharing the melody between the parts. It is an ideal starter for those at the beginning of their part-singing journey and is ideal for any equal voice choir. The accompaniment is supportive and not too complex, so is easily playable by most keyboardists. Olivia Sparkhall is a choir director of considerable experience, which she brings to bear in this extremely simple, useful and approachable arrangement.

I saw three ships
Olivia Sparkhall

2 minutes


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Email: for digital pdf copy

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