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Composer and Conductor

Olivia Sparkhall is an award-winning composer and conductor. In 2022 she won the Three Choirs Festival composing competition (in association with Hereford Three Choirs Festival and Oxford University Press) with Hear, O ye kings. Her music has been performed internationally, has featured on BBC Television and BBC Radio 3, and receives critical acclaim when reviewed in Organists Review, Church Music Quarterly and Choir & Organ magazine. 

Olivia is fortunate to have several publishers and enjoys an excellent relationship with Encore Publications, Chichester Music Press, Tim Knight Music, and Lindsay Music. She appears in the Kassian Choral Series of Banks Music Publications both as composer, and as arranger and editor of choral music by women from the past. She is part of the series research and editorial team for the Multitude of Voyces' Sacred Music by Women Composers set of anthologies, as well as contributing original compositions and arrangements to each of the three volumes. 

Olivia accepts commissions from choirs and prides herself on providing a bespoke work written to the choir director's requirements. As an experienced conductor herself, she understands how important it is to respond to the demands of the choir, producing something which delights and inspires. Please use the contact form if you wish to discuss this further. 

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To explore compositions individually, visit the published compositions page and use the drop down menu to select a piece. 

To see a complete list of compositions (2016-2023) click here.

To read composition texts and programme notes click here.

To find out more about Olivia's book, A Young Person's Guide to Vocal Health, click here

For a more extensive biography, and list of publications, click here

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