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A Renewal of Faith (2021)

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A Renewal of Faith for SATB
and piano/organ

A new work for SATB (no divisi), this was written at the suggestion of my publisher, to provide a straight-forward, direct piece that captures something of a spirit of renewal as choirs come back together and sing. Intentionally restrained, the piece provides a satisfying harmonic journey, is contemporary without being impenetrable, and a performance is achievable on a modest amount of rehearsal. 


We pray for a renewal of our faith and that,

in all the tensions and confusion of this present time,

we may continue to trust in your name,

and find your love in strength and peace.

We pray that your Church may grow in faith,

so that sharing Christ’s suffering and death,

we may share in the glory of his resurrection. 

Words: Gillian Rogers


Olivia Sparkhall offers us the anthem A Renewal of Faith (mixed voices & organ; Encore, £2.50). The text opens with ‘We pray’, and this is used as a kind of mantra throughout the piece. The melodic material, whose accompaniment is often little more than simple chords, appears in short cells. There is a satisfying final climax, and the effect of the whole is one of uncomplicated charm.


Jeremy Jackman in Choir & Organ magazine, July/August 2021

A Renewal of Faith
Olivia Sparkhall

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